The Dodge Dude website was established to carry on where the original Dude site left off. Let me explain... around 2001 a website came up for me during a routine Dodge Truck web-search, (probably while scouring on Google or Yahoo for early era Mopar trucks - I was newly addicted to them), that website was called; "Swepline.com."


While reading through page after page of that site I came across a pickup truck that was completely foreign to me called, "The Dodge Dude." Now, this blew me away since I had never heard of this truck and I thought I was a die-hard Mopar guy. So, this, "Dude Truck," was quite a surprise.


Long story short, I followed a link after reading everything about this, "Dude Truck," at <sweptline.com> that took me over to the, (at that time), official Dodge Dude Website.


It was authored by a great guy named, "Ryan Peterson," who was also running the official Dude truck registry service, as well as the Dude Pickup Truck Forum.


Ryan was a huge help to anyone and everyone interested in finding an original Dude to restore, (or to folks who were trying to find a decent '70 or '71 truck to work on in order to create a Dude Clone). And, I think it is important that he really receive a huge round of credit for getting the original Dude Website online. Plus, it goes without saying that it was his original dedication in building the awareness, (and the overall interest), which led to the development of this website in the end.


Ryan's website - for reasons unknown - dropped off the net around 2003. I lost touch with Ryan, (and with a lot of the original Dude fans from back then). For several years there was no website dedicated to these unique Mopar pickup trucks.


Around 2004, I started a website called, "Sweptline Truck Restoration." Which wasn't anything all too official. It simply covered as much work as I could show and share with visitors about the restoration labour of a few of the trucks I owned. Primarily my 1970 Sublime Lime Dodge Dude.


After years of emails, meetings, and phone calls from die hard Dude Truck fans, I was eventually pressured by a few loyal Mopar guys into starting this site back in 2007.


And, so finally here we are. The official Dodge Dude Website. I hope that it will keep growing over the months and years ahead. There are just tons and tons of ideas I have for the site. Hopefully it will become a solid resource to all those who stumble upon these very rare trucks like I did years ago... Saying to myself, "what on earth is a Dodge Dude?"


Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy what we have here!


The Dodge Dude Web-team

- Canada