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This is an excellent full color high gloss photo album of Dodge Trucks 1918 - 1998. There is practically an entire chapter devoted to the, "Dodge Little Red Express," pickup. Other trucks featured include; Military, Power Wagon, Sweptside and Sweptline, Ramcharger, Dakota, NASCAR, as well as lot's of history, spec.'s and technical notes.
Published 1998. Author: Steve Statham.

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Dodge Trucks 1918-1998




Dodge Trucks 1939-1978

This black and white photo album covers trucks from the 1939, “modern-era pickups,” to the 1978, “440 V-8 D150 Adventurer.” There are 110 pages of classic B&W photos and short paragraphs on each explaining the innovations Dodge brought to the truck market. An excellent and comprehensive photographic history. Printed 1998. Edited by Don Bunn.nav_usnav_cdn




Standard Catalog of Light Duty

DODGE TRUCKS 1917 - 2002:

Definitely one of the most comprehensive books about Dodge trucks on the market. Covering the first production truck released in 1917 all the way to the 2002 models. Over 260 pages of detail about every model year, including the vans. Everything including production data, identification number explanations, engine info., transmission types, chassis features, available options, and even historical info. is presented for each model year. An extra bonus comes at the end of the book with a few reproductions of original Dodge truck advertisements. All photo’s are black & white. This is a must have book for the Dodge truck enthusiast. Published 2002. 

Author: John Gunnell


Dodge Trucks 1917-2002



Dodge Trucks 1918-1971


Restoration Guide 1918 - 1971:

This book contains the complete history of the 1918-1971 Dodge trucks. There are a wealth of unique photos found in this book which cannot be found in any other book on the market. Several pictures come from well known Dodge truck authority and book co-author, “Don Bunn’s,” personal Dodge truck photo collection. Other photo’s are from rare Chrysler dealer brochures and Chrysler photo archives. If you are restoring or even just an enthusiast of these rare classic trucks you need this book on your bookshelf. 224 pages. All black and white photos. Authors: Don Bunn and Tom Brownell. Published 1991.






This Chilton’s edition covers all U.S and Canadian Models. Of particular interest to the Sweptline truck collector are the details given for the 1967 -71 model years. Everything you need to know is in here. General info. & Maintenance, Engine Performance spec.’s, Engine Overhaul, Fuel System, Chassis Electrical, Drive Train, Suspension & Steering, Brakes & Body and then some! Of particular interest is the Vehicle Identification Number data plate decoding section. Find out where your truck was assembled, Model Designation, Body Type, GVW and more! If you own or are restoring a ’67 – ’71 Dodge or Fargo pickup you most certainly need this book in the shop. Published 1995.


Chiltons Repair Dodge Trucks 1967-1988